Cocktail of the Night mini – Campton Cure Martini

Wanted a drink, yet again. Off 1 oz of Absolut Citron Vodka (or citrus-infused vodka) 1 oz of Cointreaux (or orange liqueur) 3 squeeze of Lime Juice (how much is a squeeze?!!) Cranberry Juice (I hate it when they don’t give amounts) Blend ingredients and serve on the rocks. Other sources gave it as read more »

Writing snippet

just a random bit that came to me. He knew the streets of the town like his own fingerprints. Which is to say not at all, because he wasn’t the sort of person who studied his fingers.

Cocktail of the Night mini – Suffering Bastard

This isn’t going to be a proper Cocktail of the Night post, but I mixed this up and wanted to record it. I had decided I wanted a drink and was using to get ideas. This was one of the things that popped up: 1 oz of Gin 1 oz of rum (or Light read more »

Preview for OCTP #2 Art

This drawing challenge is going to take me WAY more than 30 days, but I’ve finally started the inks for the second one – Daisy and Wild Rush holding hands. And yes, I still need to actually draw the mini-comic I started. I have a little bit more than this done (Wild Rush’s head is read more »

Let’s talk about Swordcat

(TW: mental institution / prison setting, mild threats, cold) As a reminder: you can request to find out more about the world of the White Knight! Check out this post for topics. Swordcat, aka Leon Smith (the mostly human part) / Lenxoli (the part associated with the sword, which wants to destroy all humans) (See read more »

I feel like talking to people

Warning: I may be cranky (see tumblr for why) I’ll be on google hangouts / google+ ( ) and Omegle (fastest/guaranteed way to get me will be to use the tag ‘wingedtyger’) I’ve tried this on tumblr before. Let’s see what happens if I post it to all my mirrors. Offer is good probably read more »

I draws good

Relevant to this post. Photo of the layout sketchs. I am a master drawer. (If you can read my writing – yeah right – trigger warning for racism and violence)  

White Knight wiki – Zashemism (& religion)

As requested. Please request more, this is fun and encourages me to make the wiki entries readable (aka more than jotted notes and half-sentences.) Zashemism is one of the religions in the world of the White Knight. I’ve decided that at least some of the deities are real. aka crying god The many-named god exists read more »

What would you like to read from The White Knight?

I keep a wiki of notes and info about the world of the White Knight. While I’m still working on the character writing prompts, I thought I’d let y’all choose some stuff to see. Some of the entries are just a sentence or two, some are very long. A bunch of them are completely disorganized, read more »

Working on a mini-comic for The White Knight

Specifically, it stars Wild Rush and Andre. Because you can totally tell who my favorite character is. (Which leads to some problems – I was thinking about some of the other stories I have written and, uh, yeah, gonna have to change those so stuff that should be about Daisy doesn’t end up being totally read more »