Snippet – Wild Rush does not react in a healthy way

TW: abuse, assault, threats, threatening with knife, blood, victim blaming (I’ve decided Charles’ pronouns are ne / nem / neir / neirself) Wild Rush had the habit of threatening / yelling at / blaming / etc Charles and Andre before Daisy came along. They’d been expecting it. The boss was predictable about a few things read more »

Character Writing #5 – Phobias

(Trigger warning: abuse) Does your character have any irrational fears? Wild Rush – not entirely irrational as parents abused him, but he hates everyone in his family Daisy – scared of heights (except under certain conditions which are spoilers.) Delia – centipedes, millipedes, and other things with WAY too many legs Charles – I can’t read more »

Character Writing #5

… I’m not doing these in order. These are supposed to be #28 and #21 of the 3o questions (a few of which I’m not doing at all) If your character’s life was a genre, what would it be? (I’m thinking of this as from their POV) Wild Rush – action, probably with lots of read more »

Character Writing – Mini #1

I felt like talking about a few other people’s sexual orientations. – Techrat: sex-repulsed. If he didn’t find contact with people and, basically the human body, viscerally disgusting, he’d be straight and allosexual (non-asexual). As it is, he’s celibate and almost libido-less. (He’s got serious mental problems that would probably respond better to therapy and read more »

Character Writing #4

I’m being lazy and only doing one question today.   (trigger warning – character death / murder / torture) #7 – Is there an event in the character’s past they’d like to erase? Delia – her husband being killed is the obvious one. Her brother dying in the war is another. Wild Rush – basically read more »


White Knight Art

Finished the reference sheet for White Knight. Yeah, Delia Troy Burton is under there. Also, my first image for the OCTP meme. Next is them holding hands. I need to do a whole bunch of designs for Wild Rush’s clothes, because otherwise they all end up looking like this. (He wears solely shades of yellow, read more »

Character Writing #3

(Trigger warning: murder) I’m adding three more characters. I’m also going to do the questions for Charles and Andre (I need to look up their last names, but it’s on the other computer) and then a random character that will probably change for each question. Character’s relationship with parents: Charles – (I haven’t decided pronouns, read more »

White Knight notes for later

This is mostly a note to myself and lots of rambling. I want to revamp my character diversity – I have a huge number of characters, but there are a lot of diversity categories not represented or poorly represented (like, there are a lot of Asian characters, but very few black people…) (I don’t know read more »

Character Writing #2

(Trigger Warning: child abuse, character murder. Will mark where it stops and starts) Let’s start with some basic stats: Delia Troy Burton Age: 40s Height: Tall for a dfab person Build: muscular Hair: Black, straight, short Eyes: Soft Brown Skin: medium toned Ethnicity: Zanchian-Anitian (Chinese-American-ish. Again, fictional world.) Job: Chief Financial Officer (I think) at read more »

Character Writing #1

Copying this from Tumblr so they’ll all be in the same place. I’m doing the Character Writing Challenge on Habit Rpg. I’m doing three characters. Wild Rush and Daisy Hart, who I’m also doing the OCTP meme for, and the main character, Delia Troy Burton. (Trigger Warning: Child / Teenager Abuse.) 1) Character’s relationship with read more »