Sharing because I forgot I rewrote it (Puzzle-verse)

Dammit. Typed up a bunch, loving the banter and Daniel’s attitude, and then got to the page where I was rewriting it from James’ perspective. So y’all get an early version of the longer unfinished piece. Content note: kidnapping/abduction

Puzzle-verse – Doll Eyes (updated)

So the old version was before I decided that one of the Lloyd siblings should be a girl. Same trigger warnings apply:  immobilization / claustrophobia, discussion of blood. Honestly nearly all the changes are just to pronouns (I may have made one other change?)


Puzzle-verse character art

Just some head shots for model sheets. I did these quite a while ago (oh god, 2013, really?!) and never got around to posting them, but since I’m typing up things for Camp Nanowrimo and so am in that folder, I saw it. And I never finished the art for the unposted third vignette. And read more »

Hm… apparently this is a habit for me

I’m working on translating something into Nyjichun that thedankabyss on tumblr asked for, when I discovered that something I was going to do with the pronouns in Ie, I had also done with Nyjichun. I, uh, may want to change that. Actually a couple things… (I did inclusive vs exclusive we as well, but the read more »

Hey, ask me stuff

I have a thing I started on tumblr and twitter – ask me anything about my conlangs or writing. The offer is still open, although I may take a while to respond because work. Some references links that might be helpful: – All my conlang posts – My tiddlywiki about my most developed language, Nyjichun read more »

The Captain’s Bed

I’ve wanted a captain’s bed1 for a while now, but never bothered because I had a perfectly good futon and no money. New ones go for hundreds to over a thousand and the ones I found cool take up a lot of space. I had never thought about it, but my parents’ bed is a read more »

State of the Silver

For most of you this shouldn’t be news, since you came here from a forum, tumblr, facebook, whatever. But, here’s what’s been going on with me and why the blog has been so inactive. I lost my job in November, lived on unemployment for six months, then scraped by until I couldn’t any more. I read more »

Update on features in Ie

Figured out what interesting features I’m going to have in Ie.1 There’s going to be a complex pronoun system that I’m about ready to make a chart for, suppletive forms (not sure where exactly), and possibly going to make it fusional in some of the particles or somewhere if I can find a place? So read more »

Small note on Ie

I still need to come up with something interesting for the language. I have culture ideas for one minority (the one Delia is part of, naturally), but nothing specific for the language. Listening to one of the Conlangery podcasts for ideas.

Conlang happiness – Ie

Been working on a conlang that’s supposed to be a naming language for some of my comic characters (specifically Delia Troy Burton). I have an Hawaiian grammar from the 70s which I’m using as a model, because it’s the only grammar I have for an analytic language. It’s called Ie. At some point, I’ll probably read more »