I’m going on a trip!

I’m taking a road trip, with no set schedule.  I probably won’t do all these things, but I’m going to have fun and take it easy.  

Nyjichun word of the day – hafnxhyb

(weird spelling in the title to is how I write stuff when I don’t have the full character-set) As requested from my girlfriend. I actually thought I had this word and didn’t, so here you go. Our word of the day is ŋafnɯŋyɒ Meaning: girl. Literally ‘female child’. Can refer to people or animals (people only read more »

Nyjichun word of the day

I’m working on Ŋyjichɯn again. I’d like to get it up to 500 words and get the tiddlywiki cleaned up enough that I could submit it to the Conlangery Podcast to be considered for the featured conlang. Since I’m currently obsessing about it, I’ve decided to do a Ŋyjichɯn word of the day for at least a while. Our read more »

Crosspost on DW / LJ update

I’ve updated the settings of the plug-in to make it clearer that not all the post is being crossposted and why. So text past the first paragraph or so (not sure where the cut off is) and pictures won’t show up on Dreamwidth or Livejournal. Please just click on through. You can comment wherever you read more »

Shard-verse – Delia & Nathan

(Image description: Nathan Burton, a tall heavy white man with red-brown hair tied back in a loose pony-tail, and Delia Troy Burton, a shorter muscular Asian woman, sitting on the floor snuggling in their pajamas, with Nathan’s arms around Delia).

Shard-verse – Nathan Burton

Here’s Nathan Burton, Delia Troy’s (aka the White Knight) husband. This replaces the previous design, although he doesn’t usually run around shirtless. The pic came out a little darker than I wanted, but I don’t really feel like putting in more hours adjusting it, doing test renders, and then waiting an hour+ for the final read more »

Recipe – Pineapple Salsa

Me and my mom are going to Hawaii in August for the first time and I kind of wanted something Hawaiian inspired. I just made this for dinner and it’s tasty.  I found it on food.com here, but their formatting is awful and they used too much ginger. They had you marinate the fish too read more »

Shard-verse – Deputy Chief Donna Cooper

Shard City is a big place, so she’s not in charge of the whole police force. She’s the person Delia (as the White Knight) interacts with the most, and the boss of the three police officers I’ll be using the most. She’s very tall, white, far-sighted, trans, bisexual, and disabled. She generally doesn’t wear a read more »

Delia, at last

Yeah, I haven’t posted any pictures of Delia when she’s not being the White Knight. I haven’t drawn anything, but I rendered something nice in Daz3d.

OCTP #1 – Charles & Andre preview

Yes, I finished the second one before I finished this one. Their faces are more or less done, although I need to thicken up some lines. Any sketch lines missing are because I’m working on top of a Poser image (I need to redo the characters into Daz using Genesis 1 – I’ve done Wild read more »