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Inspired by Ana Mardoll and Melissa McEwan and the other contributors at Shakesville, starting June 2013, Silver’s Space is a Safe Space for people to talk about pop culture, comics, languages, and other random stuff. This change is a work in progress, and I encourage commenters to call me on it when I fail in it.


I recognize that I am privileged to be white, thin, middle-class(ish), and able-bodied. I recognize that because of that privilege there are things I will miss and times I will say things that are hurtful to others. I pledge to take correction as gracefully as I can, apologize, and strive to do better. (I’m a jerk, but I prefer to only intentionally be an jerk.)

Safe Space

This is meant to be a friendly space for everyone, which includes QUILTBAG people, people with disabilities, neurodiverse / neuroatypical people, POC, and all genders or lack thereof and sexes.

Trigger Warnings / Content Notices

Posts and links will have content notices. I encourage commenters to let me know if I miss some. Commenters are also encouraged to mark their own comments. A moderator (me) will try to mark any that are missed.


Comments will be moderated, including for ableist, racist, sexist, sizeist, homophobic, transphobic, ageist, and other bigoted or prejudiced language. This includes bullying, tone arguments, judging groups by some of their members, hate and bullying of fan groups (for example, furries, Trekkies, comic fans, etc), other silencing tactics, and belittling of commenters or contributors. Satiric discussion (for example ‘misandry’) is welcome as long as it’s in good humor. Swearing and adult language is allowed within reason.

I prefer that commenters avoid excessive netspeak and abbreviations as I find it difficult to read more than a few lines of it (this includes L337 and lolspeak – small amounts for humorous or stylistic reasons are find. Paragraphs of it are not). Please make use of line spaces as well. However, any good faith attempts are welcome, regardless of language proficiency or learning disorders. Comments nitpicking other commenter’s spelling, language, or grammar will be removed.

In short, don’t be a jerk.

Criticism, differences in opinion, and discussion and analysis are all welcome, as long as given in good faith.

I welcome people pointing out broken links, spelling errors, typos, unclear sentences, etc on my posts, as long as the comments are straightforward or polite (in other words, don’t include statements like ‘How could you make that mistake?’)

I approve all comments that aren’t spam or anonymous (meaning, it looks like a real email address). If you don’t want to comment here or want to comment anonymously, comments on the mirrors at Livejournal or Dreamwidth have the same policy but allow anonymous comments (until people abuse the privilege). Comments that don’t follow the comment policy will be moderated, disemvowelled, or removed at my whim, depending on how much energy I have left that day.

This site has threaded comments turned off. If you prefer threaded comments, please use one of the mirrors.

Afraid you don’t have a ‘good enough’ comment? Don’t worry about it.

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